Remodeling Trends For Coastal Homes

The Benson Homes team has been remodeling coastal homes for more than 30 years and in that time we’ve seen some interesting shifts in remodeling trends.  One major change over the years has been the movement from formal, divided living floor plans to open and casual spaces. Another is the shift in preferred color palettes from dark wood finishes and deep colored granites to lighter and more neutral color schemes accented with weathered woods.  We love designing remodels for coastal homes and have embraced the functional and aesthetic changes that homeowners are seeking today.  Here are some of the popular remodeling trends our clients are incorporating into their homes. 

1.    Indoor/outdoor connections.  Reconfiguring existing space to enable easier transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces is something we do quite often. This may entail removing walls, adding windows, or installing sliding glass doors (or all three). The goal is always to invite the flow of natural light into the home and to capitalize on exterior views, allowing the home to feel light, airy and open.


2. Clean color palettes featuring white, neutrals, and pops of blue. Natural beach hues are a popular choice for coastal home selections; from all white kitchens to neutral family rooms accented with a gorgeous wood fireplace. They are easy on the eye, creating a relaxing atmosphere that’s both cozy and welcoming.

vb living room benson homes

3. Informal dining spaces. Homeowners are requesting open kitchen and dining rooms or eat-in spaces that are comfortable for both family meals and entertaining friends and neighbors. Many prefer to have their meals in a less formal setting. This configuration also allows the person who is working in the kitchen the ability to observe their children or interact with others.

modern kitchen benson homes vb

4. Specialty outdoor spaces. Decks, patios and screened porches will always be mainstays for coastal homes, but some folks are taking it up a notch and creating specialty outdoor spaces. An outdoor living room is a great place to entertain and enjoy warm summer nights. The addition of a fireplace will extend the use well into the fall and early winter months. Pool houses or cabanas are also popular, some with outdoor kitchens and bathrooms.

porch Virginia Beach

5. Mudrooms. Let’s face it, when you live near the beach you deal with a lot of sand. Adding a mudroom can be life changing! It provides a catchall space for flip-flops, beach bags, towels, book bags, sports equipment, and coats. You can customize it with bench seating, individual lockers, drawers or cubby storage.

mud room Virginia Beach

Do you have a new space in mind for your coastal home? If you are looking for some design inspiration for your home, we invite you to view our project galleries. Let us know if you’d like to discuss your ideas with us. We would love to bring your vision to life.