Jim Benson


Jim Benson, the founder and President of Benson Homes, has been part of the Coastal Virginia community for over 30 years. From his earliest days as a contractor he has been about building trust and establishing a connection that a homeowner can draw on for years to come.


Originally a New England native, Jim started out swinging a hammer while completing his M.B.A. degree and stumbled upon what would become a life-long passion: providing people with a better quality of life through home renovation. A stickler for quality, he quickly became one of the best in his trade.

Jim is now a Master Builder with decades of experience that have earned him local and national recognition. 

He enjoys spending time with his wife Linda, their five children, and their two grandchildren.

Crystal Saunders


Crystal is the glue that holds the Benson Homes team together. As the Business Manager, her responsibilities span all of the operations, from directing sales, design, and production, to managing bookkeeping and marketing. Without a doubt, you will meet and interact with her throughout your remodeling journey with Benson Homes.

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Crystal started with Benson Homes in 2004 as the Office Manager and Bookkeeper and as you can see, her role has evolved over the years. In her current role, she works very closely with Benson Homes’ President, Jim Benson and his love for remodeling has been contagious!

“I’ve been working with Jim for 13 years, and during that time he’s passed along his passion for intuitive design, quality craftsmanship, and creating lasting relationships with our clients. I love coming to work! Every day is different, which is so much fun!”

Bevin Shellenberger


Remember the first friendly phone call you received from Benson Homes? That was most likely Bevin calling. One of the many important roles she has is connecting with new clients to discuss the remodeling project they are looking to bring to life. 

Since 2015, Bevin has been an integral part of the Benson Homes team. She quickly mastered her initial position of Project Assistant and has since become our Project Coordinator and Sales Consultant. This dual role keeps her involved in the remodeling process from beginning to end and is what she finds most rewarding about her job. You will interact with Bevin during your initial meetings, the design phase and all the way through to construction. She works closely with our Designer, Carol Eubank, to help layout your new space and make selections. Bevin will be there to guide you through the process to ensure you fall in love with your new space and to make sure the new layout meets your needs. Behind the scenes she’s outlining your project details and working to ensure your floor plans, 3D renderings and schedules are accurate. 

“At Benson Homes, we get to create a better way of living for our clients. It is awesome to see the transformation from beginning to end and to feel a part of something great! The entire team is dedicated to ensuring our clients have an outstanding experience that includes fun, excitement, and peace of mind.”

Bevin is a graduate of Old Dominion University and is a big college football fan. She enjoys spending time with family, going to the beach, gardening, and creating arts & crafts projects. Plus, she stays active by coaching soccer and practicing yoga.

Courtney Lewis


One of the most exciting parts of your remodeling journey is making your selections. Courtney will be there to guide you through the process to ensure you find the right materials and finishes to meet your vision and budget.

In 2017, Courtney joined our team and was excited to continue following her dream of working in remodeling design. Since then her focus has been to outline project details, assist with creating 3D renderings, and coordinate the professional tradesmen that work on each project.

“Being a part of a team of people who are so passionate about the quality of their work and go to such great lengths to exceed the customer’s expectation is what I love most about Benson Homes. Since day one, I feel like I have been part of the Benson family.”

Courtney loves spending time at the beach with her husband Zach and her dog Sophie, touring museums, and the occasional girls night out with her friends.

Carol Eubank


Have a general idea of what you want your new home to look like but unsure how to put it all together to make it look amazing? Carol is the answer! You will meet with her, our Project Coordinator, and Assistant Project Coordinator early in your remodeling journey and throughout the design process so that they can create a custom space to suit your individual needs and style.

Carol has been with the Benson Homes team for over a decade. She has over 30 years of design expertise and is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Her depth of knowledge results in remodeling designs that take space planning, finish selections including flooring, cabinets, and architectural elements, and furniture placement into consideration. 

“What I love most about Benson Homes is being part of a team that has the desire to go above and beyond each client’s expectations and the pride in the excellence of workmanship we have at the completion of each project.”

Carol’s favorite activities include working out at the gym and traveling as often as she can.