Benson Homes Featured in Houzz Pro Spotlight - How To Uncover Your House’s Hidden Potential

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Benson Homes has a new feature article on Houzz and we are excited to share it with you! Jim spoke with Houzz about how he got started in the remodeling business, what he loves most about it, and shared three tips on how our team helps homeowners to uncover the hidden potential in their own home.  The feature highlights how our design team has implemented each of those tips in recent remodels with insights on the projects from Jim as well as links to see more photos and detailed descriptions.

You can read the Houzz Spotlight by clicking the link below. We hope you enjoy it!

Benson Home’s Houzz Pro Spotlight.

How To Prepare To Make Your Remodeling Selections


Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to remodel your home and bring your dream space to life. One of the early steps during the design phase of your remodel will be making your selections.  Many clients find this to be a very fun and exciting part of the journey, and we do too! The selections are all the materials, fixtures, finishes, appliances, and paint colors that will be used to craft your remodel. These are the details that put your unique thumbprint on the space and create your signature style.

Together, with our design team, you will explore the look and feel that you want for your new spaces, working with you every step of the way to provide suggestions and guidance on the choices that lend themselves best to both your functional and aesthetic preferences.  As we consider the options, you will begin to visualize your new space coming to life. Once your selections are complete, we transform your design sketches into 3D readings that give you a virtual view of your home including those selections! 

Before your design meetings begin, you can get a jump-start on discovering your preferences by doing a little brainstorming on your own.  These activities can be lots of fun and completing them will make you feel very prepared and excited to start making your selections.  

Find your inspiration. 

There are many places to go to find inspiration and we encourage you to check out as many as you wish. 

Our first suggestion is to look online at sites like HouzzPinterest, and Instagram.  All three allow you to save your favorite photos; on Houzz you create an Idea book, on Pinterest a Board, and on Instagram you simply click on a heart icon to save a photo you like.  You can also visit Transformations on our website for ideas.  Simply show these to our design team to get things off to a great start. 

Another option is to pick up home and decorating magazines and tear out or earmark pages that inspire you. You can even use a post-it to note what it is about the particular room that you love.  That way, specific selections can be highlighted when working with our design team.

Lastly, we encourage you to find inspiration in your travels and every day life. Perhaps you have a beloved vacation spot where you stayed in an amazing hotel or Airbnb and absolutely fell in love with the bathroom, a tile floor, or light fixture.  Extend that idea to a favorite local restaurant, retail store, or coffee house.  Inspiration can be found all around us! Snap a photo or two or bookmark their website to show to our team.  

Make a Wish List or Must Have List

Many of our clients go into their design meetings with ideas about specific selections that they want to include.  This can be anything from hardwood flooring to a double vanity sink.  Compile a list of your own and identify if they are functional or style (or both) necessities.  

Email your list to our design team. They will discuss each item with you, including the care and maintenance required and the pros and cons of specific material. In some cases, we may have other suggestions that you haven’t even considered and may like even better, so keep an open mind.  We often work with clients who decide to splurge on a must-have material or fixture and balance things out with a more budget-friendly option in another area.  The end goal is to collaborate and find the best options that will bring your vision to life.  

We look forward to working with you on making your selections and creating your dream home. As your remodeling journey continues, the next step will be unveiling your design and selections when we transform your plans into 3D renderings