What Do Reputable Remodelers Have In Common?

Making the decision to start the remodeling journey is an exciting one. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or a home addition, selecting the right company to remodel your home can be a little overwhelming.  How do you navigate the sea of options? It’s important to do a little research to learn more about each of the remodeling firms you are considering. There are a few key attributes that reputable remodeling firms will have in common.  

Longevity in the market.  Remodelers who have around for decades have perfected their craft over the years. They have had time to develop processes that focus simultaneously on building an exceptional project while delivering a satisfying remodeling experience. When you speak with the remodelers you are considering, ask them about their process and listen to see if their response includes not only the end product, but your experience as well.

They have a strong repeat client base. If a firm can tell you that many of their clients have hired them to complete a second, third, or fourth project this is very good sign. This indicates that the firm works hard to establish and maintain relationships with their clients that are built on trust, reliability, and meeting or exceeding expectations.  Some of those repeat clients would likely be happy to speak with you about the firm.

Their clients refer them new business.  If you receive a referral from a friend or family member for a product or service provider, chances are they were happy or satisfied.  When a remodeler can tell you that they get a high percentage of their work from client referrals that is another very good sign.  The referring client is entrusting the remodeling firm to provide their friend with the same level of craftsmanship and service that they received.

Positive reviews. Being able to easily find and access client reviews is a critical part of many buying decisions these days.  A reputable remodeling firm will have reviews or testimonials posted on their own website and on sites like Houzz or Google+. Take some time to read them. You will learn a lot about the firm through the client’s eyes.

Industry memberships. There are two key industry memberships in the remodeling industry: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI).  In order to become and remain members of these organizations a firm must follow a strict code of ethics.  Both organizations offer continuing education and certification on a variety of construction and remodeling practices.

We hope this list of attributes has been helpful to you and we encourage you to use it as a guide in your research and interview process. And don’t be afraid to ask questions, a reputable remodeler will be happy to answer!