Custom Details Bring Our Client’s Vision to Life

Every homeowner has a vision of his or her perfect home. Some dream of a warm and traditional room featuring dark woods and lots of texture. Others see softer colors and shiny finishes creating the canvas for their remodeled space. In some cases, the owners of a home may have two distinctly different visions for their home and wonder if there is a way to meld the two together harmoniously. We are happy to say that yes, it can be done! You can see how we were able to accomplish it for recent clients by creating custom details in nearly every room of their house. 

Our clients reached out to us after they purchased a Cape Cod style home with the vision to completely remodel it and create a home where they could entertain their family comfortably, especially during the holidays. The husband and wife had their own specific style preferences, which were quite different. He preferred a rustic aesthetic featuring live edge wood accents. She loved spaces with a bit of glitz and glamour, with touches of her favorite colors like blue and purple. 

Our design team spent time with the couple discussing their ideas and looking at inspiration photos. These discussions allowed us to develop custom elements within their remodeled spaces that echo both of their individual preferences, yet work well together to create a cohesive space that brings both of their visions to life.

Here are some examples of the custom details included in their home: 

●      Custom pendant lighting fixture in the dining room. Our clients knew they wanted to use pendant lights in the dining room. We created a custom piece that would capture both of their preferences by selecting several glass pendants in a variety of shapes and sizes and hanging them at different lengths from a gorgeous piece of live edge wood. This became one of the focal points in their entertaining space.


●      Knotty Alder Columns & Doors. After removing a wall to open the living room into the dining and kitchen areas, we selected Knotty Alder wood for the columns and doors to bring a warm and welcoming feel to the main entertaining area. The richness of the wood balances with the light, natural tones of the stacked stone backsplash, and cream and sage green cabinetry found in the kitchen.

●      Live Edge Fireplace Mantel.  A beautiful piece of live edge wood was crafted to become the fireplace mantel, which also created another beautiful focal point.

●      Iron Scroll Lighting Valances. (in the master bathroom and tub/sitting area) Our client asked for a light source that would not shine down into her eyes while using the bathroom. She found and fell in love with a metal scroll piece online and we used it to create a lighting valance by building a frame to house the metal piece. Behind it we installed lights on a dimmer to provide the soft light source our client requested.

●      Custom Tile Design in Shower. We created a 100% custom tile design in the shower highlighting our client’s favorite colors. The shower floor and wall border are made of marble pieces designed to look like pebbles. Italian tile is used to edge the border and bring in some sparkle. The tile mosaic is a work of art featuring hand selected and hand assembled pieces that create a gorgeous focal point.

This home is a lovely combination of each of the homeowner’s individual tastes. He can enjoy the rustic touches of the live edge wood and knotty pine columns and doors in the living room and dining rooms, while she relaxes in the softly lit master bathroom and sitting room decorated with artful lighting and mosaic tile designs in her favorite colors. It was such a pleasure to create all of these wonderful custom details for our clients and we wish them many years of enjoyment in their remodeled home.

Are you ready to love your home again and remodel your home to improve your lifestyle? We specialize in doing just that for homeowners in Hampton Roads and invite you to reach out to our team to discuss your vision and how we can help bring it to life.

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