Virginia Beach, VA

In this bathroom, easy navigation and safety were important to our client. The smaller shower tile has many grout lines to prevent slippage and special shelves double as grab bars. To finish it off, the shower is decorated with a custom imported stone + tile mosaic designed specifically to our client’s taste. Beauty is in the details!

We created a 100% custom tile design in the shower highlighting our client’s favorite colors. The shower floor and wall border are made of marble pieces designed to look like pebbles. Italian tile is used to edge the border and bring in some sparkle. The tile mosaic is a work of art featuring hand selected and hand assembled pieces that create a gorgeous focal point.

Our client asked for a light source that would not shine down into her eyes while using the bathroom. She found and fell in love with a metal scroll piece online and we used it to create a lighting valance by building a frame to house the metal piece. Behind it we installed lights on a dimmer to provide the soft light source our client requested.



down stairs master bathroom before.jpg